Greta's show: video showing the performance of her fake detention in Germany

The arrest of the activist allegedly carried out by force was actually a mixture of posing, smiling and acting in front of the cameras.

The staged arrest of Greta Thunberg in Germany was trending on social media on Tuesday. Media outlets worldwide announced an arrest that was allegedly forcibly carried out by the police when the activist was at a protest against the demolition of a village to begin the expansion of a coal mine.

"We are going to use force to take you to the identity check, so cooperate," a policeman told the group, as reported by Reuters news agency and broadcast by all media outlets.

However, the arrest turned out to be a show planned and staged by the police, journalists and Greta herself. In a new video posted on networks hours after her arrest, Greta can be seen smiling and posing in front of the cameras, talking with her colleagues, laughing with the police officers, and waiting for the media to finish recording the material that would be officially broadcast as her arrest. Across the networks, they began to point out the event as a "theater."

"Greta Thunberg's false arrest today in Germany". Everything is a theater.

Greta's show

The first video released showed Greta being carried by three police officers and held by one arm a few meters away from the protest site. Her identity documents were then checked. Minutes later, it was then revealed who she was, she was then escorted back to the police vans and a just few hours later was released.

Users on social networks, when comparing the materials, denounced the montage. The on-camera show clearly shows an arrest that was not carried out by force. Some say he should win an Oscar for best acting:

Greta is nominated for an Oscar from @TheAcademy for her portrayal of an unqualified hysterical climate activist.

Yes, Greta Thunberg's arrest was a set-up for the establishment media.