Google accused of 'trashing' Republican Party propaganda

The Republican National Committee(RNC) accuses Google of hiding GOP fundraising and voter canvassing emails. The GOP leadership noted that the tech giant sends millions of mails coming from the party to the spam folder of users who use the Gmail platform.

According to Fox News, the Republican Party is considering legal action to put an end to this censorship by Google. The GOP leadership charged that the technology company has been engaging in this practice for months, which is intensifying now that the midterm elections are approaching.

Google began deleting GOP emails for the TENTH CONSECUTIVE MONTH. This not only affects fundraising, but also efforts to promote voting.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel added in remarks to Fox News:

Every month, like clockwork, Google deletes important GOTV and fundraising emails at the end of the month, with no explanation or commitment from Google to resolve this problem.

"A clear pattern of bias."

The Republican Party sends thousands of emails each month to Republican subscribers. Now, according to the GOP, these emails are being redirected to spam folders "90 to 100%" in the last days of each month.

An official told Fox News that Google has deleted more than 22 million GOP emails as of Sept. 28 of this year. 358,000 of these mailings were so-called "get out the vote" or GOTV mailings.
get out the vote
("get out the vote") or GOTV.

Faced with this situation, the party leadership is threatening to explore legal options to put an end to what they consider a"clear pattern of bias." According to them, this peculiar form of censorship dates back to February.

To give an example, on September 30, according to the RNC, Gmail leaked nearly 10 million of its emails to the spam folder. Of those, 99,000 were get-out-the-vote messages in Virginia and Minnesota, where early voting for the midterms began Sept. 23.