'God, family and hard work': Texas Republican candidates set a course to win over Latino community

Mayra Flores affirms that Hispanic voters are changing their vote because they believe that the Democrats "are abandoning them."

Mayra Flores recently gave assurances that the Republican Party is winning over the Latino community because it defends the values of God, family and hard work.

With the midterms just around the corner, the Republican congresswoman from Texas was on FOX News program, The Ingraham Angle, together with Cassy Garcia and Monica De La Cruz, to talk about the reasons that could be behind the political change that the country is undergoing and how the Hispanic community vote is moving increasingly closer to the Republican Party.

The congresswoman again criticized being denied entry to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus because she is a Republican. "It's true. I became the first Mexican-born congresswoman ever elected in Congress. And that’s not good enough for them. And this shows a lack of true commitment for the Hispanic community. They´re just there to serve their political party," Flores explained to Laura Ingraham. A veto that, in her opinion, simply demonstrates how the Democratic Party works, which, according to Flores, does not represent the Latino community:

I don’t need them. The Hispanic community doesn’t need them. We are the real voice…we stand for the values that we were raised with. God, family, and hard work…

The American dream, shattered

Cassy García agreed with these statements. For the Republican candidate for Texas' 28th district, Latino voters are simply opting for Republicans because they see how Democrats are killing the American dream:

Hispanic voters — we are common-sense voters. We believe in the American Dream, and we are tired of the Biden-Pelosi -Cuellar agenda. We are hard-working; we want a strong and secure border, and that’s why we are seeing that shift in Hispanic voters because the Democrat Party has left the Hispanic community.

On the other hand, according to congressional candidate in Texas' 15th district, Monica De La Cruz, the Democratic Party is shattering the American dream. Democratic policies are, in her opinion, responsible for the Latino vote migrating to the Republican Party.

At the end of the day, the Biden-Pelosi economic agenda has just destroyed the American Dream for Hispanics, but also for all Texans. And what we’re seeing, as a single mom like myself, we’re seeing that Hispanics are voting with their wallets…that’s why I think in November, we’re going to see a huge shift of Democrats continuing to leave the Democrat Party and permanently come to the Republican Party.

Dismantling the democrat arguments

During the interview, the Republican candidate dismantled another of the arguments that the Democrats maintain to explain the change in the Latino vote: racism. According to several Democratic representatives, the Hispanic community is increasingly racist and, as a result, votes Republican. Flores, on the other hand, assures that this is not a valid reasoning to justify the change. Hispanics, she says, are simply migrating their vote because Democrats are abandoning them:

The Democratic Party has abandoned the Latino community. My father was a lifelong Democrat and he says 'they are abandoning our values. They are no longer defending the beliefs of 'God, family, hard work and country'. They defend everything against what I have raised you against' and that is the reason why many people are abandoning them. And now they call us racists? Racist for what? For wanting our lives back? The lives we built two years ago? Two years ago we had more money in our pockets. We were able to provide for our children. Now families are having trouble paying for rent, groceries, gasoline..... These are the things that are affecting Americans. The problems that are affecting my district. And I am 100% focused on my constituents. And I want to put Americans first. Vicente González, my opponent, wants to put the government first. That's what the Democratic Party wants. And it's about time we put all Americans first and not be treated as second-class people.