Georgia: Soros and Hollywood fund 'anti-cop' Stacey Abrams million-dollar campaign

Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Barbra Streisand are among the celebrities who have contributed financially to the Democrat's campaign for governor of the state.

Leftist tycoon George Soros donated an additional $1 million to Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams campaign for Georgia governor, according to financial documents obtained by Fox News. The new donation brings the total contributions by the billionaire to Abrams campaign to $3.5 million, he previously gave $2.5 million in the second fundraising quarter.

The Democratic candidate, who is part of the Soros-backed group of progressive officials, is also a staunch advocate of defunding the police. However, she spent more than $1.2 million on private security since she announced her candidacy in 2021. Abrams used the riots over the death of George Floyd in 2020 to show her nonconformity with funding to law enforcement .

History of direct funding to Abrams

Democracy PAC II - a Soros-funded federal committee - is the organization used to send these large amounts of money to One Georgia Inc, a leadership board Abrams runs to fund her campaign, Fox News reported.

In addition to official contributions from the tycoon's organizations to the Democrat's board, Soros has personally donated more than $60,000 to Abrams campaign. Also notably, his daughter Andrea Soros Colombely and daughter-in-law, Jennifer Allan Soros, together contributed more than $100,000 between August and September.

The financial relationship between Abrams and Soros goes back six years, when Abrams collaborated in the campaign to elect a progressive district attorney in Henry County, Georgia, who received $147,000 from mega-donor Soros to help reform the criminal justice system.

Hollywood millions for your campaign

In addition to Soros, One Georgia Inc. received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hollywood and Democratic elites:

- Producer Chuck Lorre donated $25,000.

- Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, $25,000.

- Director Steven Spielberg, $50,000.

- Director and actor J.J. Abrams, $50,000.

- Entrepreneur and wife of tech mogul Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, donated $200,000 in the second quarter of fundraising.

- LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, $400,000.

- Actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, $5,500.

- Actress and singer Barbra Streisand, $1,500.

However, Abrams enormous fundraising ability did not translate into support among Georgia voters. An August Trafalgar Group poll found the Democrat is trailing Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp by a margin of nearly 6 percentage points, with 44.2% compared to Kemp's 50.6%.