Former soccer player, brother of a Super Bowl winner, sentenced for murdering two women

Marcus Randle El will have to serve two consecutive life sentences.

Marcus Randle El, a former Wisconsin soccer player, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in prison for murdering two women in 2020. However, you may be eligible for early release.

The brother of Super Bowl champion Antwaan Randle El had already been convicted in January on two counts of first-degree murder and other gun-related charges. But it wasn't until last Wednesday that a Rock County judge determined his sentence of two consecutive life sentences with the possibility of the 33-year-old former player applying for parole.

According to prosecutors, former Badgers player was selling drugs and feared that 30-year-old Seairaha Winchester was informing on him to the police, so he decided to shoot her and then did the same to 27-year-old Brittany McAdory for witnessing the first murder. Although the murder weapon was never found, investigators obtained evidence through surveillance footage and text messages.

It should be noted that Randle El had already been in trouble with the law. In fact, the former player was in jail for kidnapping his own daughter. In 2005 he was also charged twice with assault.

Another player in trouble with the law

Recently, famous soccer player Antonio Brown was involved in a new controversy after a Miami-Dade County judge issued a warrant for his arrest after he failed to pay child support for one of his children. Although shortly thereafter the star posted a deposit through her social networks for the amount of the alleged non-payment, this inconvenience was added to other complaints she has had to face.