Former employees join in lawsuit against Disney for firing them after refusing to comply with its anti-covid protocols

The plaintiffs lost their jobs for not getting vaccinated and not following company policies regarding the use of masks.

More former Disney employees have decided to sue the entertainment conglomerate after they were fired for not getting COVID-19 vaccinations or complying with mask policies.

The lawsuit was originally filed in the middle of this year by three former Walt Disney World staff members. However, on Dec. 23, the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Osceola County, Florida, agreed to add four more plaintiffs.

"You are hereby notified that you are breaking the law: attacking mine and other civil liberties, our God-given rights endowed inside the United States Constitution and discriminating against us by means of harassment, intimidation, segregation, and bullying," indicates part of the lawsuit filed by the seven former workers.

The allegation includes discrimination on the base of religion and disability. The plaintiffs are demanding that the company reinstate their jobs and pay them both lost wages and benefits.

They also request that Disney cover their attorneys' fees and remove any disciplinary documentation from their work records.

According to The Epoch Times, most of the former workers in the lawsuit were laid off after Florida passed the law prohibiting employers from imposing COVID vaccines on their employees.

Disney intensified COVID protocols

Despite the relaxation of COVID-19 measures in Florida that went into effect in November of 2021, Disney reportedly decided to increase its health and safety protocols, focusing especially on those workers who were unvaccinated.

The entertainment giant apparently imposed "severe" isolation restrictions that complicated even the times and places where workers could eat or drink.

According to the lawsuit, while Disney lifted restrictions for those who got the vaccines, those who did not had to continue with the protocol, which led some to feel discriminated against.

"Disney retaliated against five of the seven plaintiffs after they spoke up against Disney’s augmented protocols, according to the lawsuit. Those firings were in violation of laws protecting whistleblowers," said Rachel Rodriguez, attorney for the former employees.

Disney yet to respond

According to Rodriguez, the defendants have not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Those named in the lawsuit include: The Walt Disney Company, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products; Reedy Creek Improvement District; Walt Disney Parks and Resorts USA; Disney Gift Card Services; Disney Human Services Company; and Disney Vacation Club management.