Florida man arrested with largest ever collection of child pornography

Agents found more than 1,000 files after searching the contents of just one of the 15 electronic devices seized from the alleged pedophile.

Police in Florida have arrested a man for possession of thousands of files containing child pornography. He faces 1,180 charges after a review of just the first of 15 electronic devices seized from his home following his arrest.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office had been investigating Jonathan Hernandez for several months, but they never expected what they found after searching his home. "At that time, we told you the investigation was just getting started and there would likely be more charges,” the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook account. “What we should have said was there would likely be A LOT more charges — like more than anyone in our county ... ever."

Life imprisonment charges

The investigations began in August, when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received a cyber tip about internet crimes against children. After obtaining a search warrant, detectives found child pornography on his Discord account, an instant messaging application. He was finally arrested on Dec. 29, and agents found 15 electronic devices at his home. After accessing the first of these, they found thousands of files for which they filed the numerous charges of possession of child pornography against Hernandez, in addition to four others for zoophilia.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office expressed surprise at what it has found so far: "There is no telling how many charges he could face if detectives went through all the devices. Detectives say Hernandez’s collection of child porn is the largest they have ever seen.”