Florida: Hispanic voters support Gov. DeSantis' immigrant busing

Half of Hispanic voters in Florida (50%) supported Governor Ron DeSantis ' measure to airlift migrants to Martha's Vineyard, home of the rich and famous in Massachusetts.

A new poll conducted by Mason-Dixon for Telemundo and LX News revealed that half of Hispanic voters support this measure. Among them, 71% of Cuban Americans in Florida supported the transfer of immigrants. The figure drops for Puerto Rican voters (37%) and the "other" category, with 42% support. More than half of foreign-born Hispanic voters (52%) also supported the measure.

Support skyrocketed for Republican voters. 90% approve of Governor DeSantis' decision, compared to 56% of independent voters and just 9% of Democratic Party voters.

On the flip side, 43% of Hispanic voters in Florida disapproved of the Republican governor's measure. The remaining 7% said they were unsure of their support or disapproval of the move.

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Justice investigates the transfer of immigrants

On Tuesday, a state judge ruled that the DeSantis administration must turn over all records and communications related to the Martha's Vineyard flight, as requested by the Florida Government Accountability Center. Florida's Republican governor has 20 days to turn over these records.

On the other hand, the sheriff of Bexar County (Texas), Democrat Javier Salazar, is investigating DeSantis for immigrant flights. Also, a group of illegals - backed by lawyers linked to far-left billionaire George Soros - filed a class action lawsuit against the Florida governor.

Arrival and departure from Martha's Vineyard

DeSantis organized a September flight of half a hundred illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard as part of a strategy by several Republican governors to ease immigration tensions in their states and protest the Biden Administration's inaction on the border crisis.

The island of Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) is a summer resort for the rich and famous - including Democratic presidential families such as the Obamas and Clintons. This is a place that claimed to welcome illegals with open arms. However, after the arrival of the planes, the locality denounced suffering a "humanitarian crisis" and just a few hours later expelled the illegals from the island.

The immigrants were taken to Cape Cod, more than 40 miles from the millionaires' resting place. They were transported in buses provided by the federal and local administrations.