Fentanyl crisis: more potentially lethal shipments of this drug seized

In Michigan, enough to "kill about one-third of the state" was seized. In another incident, a police operation in Massachusetts resulted in the arrest of eight people.

On Tuesday, Michigan State Police arrested a Californian driver with enough fentanyl doses to "kill about one-third of the state." According to their press release, officers with the HST (Hometown Security Team) stopped a vehicle driving eastbound on I-94 in the Paw Paw Township. Initially it was a routine traffic stop, however, it came to their attention that the car had a cracked windshield and the driver did not change lanes properly.

Upon speaking with the driver, they noticed that there were other indicators of criminal activity. After obtaining verbal consent to search the vehicle, police discovered four kilos of fentanyl stuffed in a duffel bag. Fox News also noted that additional information obtained during the search of the car, led officials to search another facility. There, an additional two kilos of fentanyl and $30,000 in cash were discovered.

The driver, a 25-year-old from California, was arrested and transported to Van Buren County Jail. He has been charged with one count of possession with intent to deliver the drug. The amount seized is reportedly enough to kill a third of the state. In addition, according to Michigan police, it is the largest seizure of this drug during a traffic stop in the state.

Eight arrested in Massachusetts for trafficking fentanyl

In another incident in Massachusetts, a drug trafficking network in possession of a gigantic cache of cocaine and fentanyl was taken down and eight people were arrested. In 2022, the Massachusetts State Police reported that an investigation had been launched into a trafficking organization supplying heroin and fentanyl throughout Hampden County.

According to a statement released by the state police, the investigation concluded with the seizure of "9.5 kilograms of cocaine; 2.3 kilograms of a narcotic packaged as heroin -- much which was field tested and determined to actually be fentanyl -- packed into 111,200 individual small baggies; 28 grams of fentanyl pills; 18 pounds of marijuana; approximately $104,000 in US currency; six motor vehicles associated with the drug organization operations; and three handguns":

The investigation resulted in the arrest of Springfield citizens Josue Figueroa, Robert Bigio Sr., Robert Bigio Jr., Emmanuel Montano and Heriberton Escalera and the arrest of Holyoke residents Alexander Rodriguez, Christopher Bermudez and Aneudy Lopez-Santos. All of them are charged with various drug possession offenses.

"Dismantling these organizations that import death onto our streets is a priority of the Massachusetts State Police and our partner agencies," said Massachusetts State Police Acting Colonel John Mawn Jr, commending his officers for their work.