Federal judge candidate failed to answer basic questions about the Constitution

Charnelle Bjelkengren was Biden's nominee for the state of Washington. She was unable to answer questions about Articles II and V.

President Joe Biden's nominee for a federal judge in the state of Washington was unable to answer a series of basic questions about the U.S. Constitution. She was asked about Articles II and V, but was unable to answer.

During the confirmation hearing, Republican Senator John Neely Kennedy quizzed Charnelle Bjelkengren, current Spokane county superior court judge, on the supreme law of the United States. It seems that she did not get a good grade.

"Tell me what Article V of the Constitution does," Kennedy asked Bjelkengren. "Article V is not coming to mind at the moment," Biden's nominee replied. "How about Article II?" the senator insisted. "Neither is Article II," she said.

The nominee excused herself by saying that, in 12 years as an assistant attorney general and nine as a judge, she never faced those "precise questions."

"We are the highest trial court in Washington state, so I’m frequently faced with issues that I’m not familiar with, and I thoroughly review the law, I research and apply the law to the facts presented to me," Kennedy responded. "Well, you’re going to be faced with it if you’re confirmed, I can assure you of that," he added.

Article V establishes the process of amendments to the national Constitution. Article II establishes that the office of the president has the power to run the executive branch.