Eventbrite removes an event against child sex change from its platform, claiming it violated its policy

Palmetto Family, which organizes the activity, maintained that the conversation in which activist Chloe Cole will also participate is ongoing.

The Eventbrite platform removed from its website an event that warns about the dangers of transgender treatments and surgeries in minors, starring activist Chloe Cole. The activity is organized by the Palmetto Family Council.

"Today, the Palmetto Family was notified that our Stop The Insanity event page has been removed from the Eventbrite platform. This event, which is still scheduled for November 6th," Palmetto Family Council wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

This event is being held to discuss the dangers of transgenderism to minors and specifically to foster a movement to stop child genital mutilation in South Carolina.

Eventbrite explained that the decision was made because, in its opinion, Palmetto Family violated its rules regarding hateful, violent and dangerous events. "We have determined that your event is not allowed on the Eventbrite platform because it violates our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, specifically our policy on hateful, dangerous, or violent content and events," Eventbrite's Trust & Safety team said in an email. sent to the Daily Wire.

Meanwhile, Palmetto Family maintained that it will maintain the event and highlighted that the organization was censured for taking a position contrary to the progressive LGBT agenda . "We will continue to fight against the radical LGBT agenda, the censorship of the great technological and cultural elites, and we will fight for conservative Christian values ​​in all areas," highlighted Palmetto Family.

The Chloe Cole Story

The main guest at the event is expected to be activist Chloe Cole, who has moved the country with her story and her fight to warn parents and children about the dangers of gender ideology and, especially, "gender change" treatments and surgeries.

The young woman decided to expose her tragedy to prevent other children and other families from suffering her misfortune. Chloe testified before Congress, where she stated that the administration of gender reassignment treatments and surgeries are "one of the biggest medical scandals" in history. She also sued her health insurer for coercing her into undergoing medical treatment with hormone blockers and then surgery in which her breasts were mutilated.