Establishment leads the 'woke' revolution

Historian Victor Davis Hanson says that now the institutions that are imposing the ideology are the same ones that originally wanted to do away with it.

Institutions have become the main engine to impose 'woke' culture. Paradoxically, the origin of this movement is found in groups that marched against them, seeking their destruction for the creation of a new society. This was underlined by Stanford University Hoover Institute historian Victor David Hanson, who said that currently "the agents of revolutionary change" are, for example, the Pentagon, Disney or universities.

"If you look at the '60s, people were marching on the campus president's office to demand change. Now, the campus president is the one that's suppressing free speech," Hanson said. The historian also recalled that not so many years ago, protests were held against the Pentagon to demand social change, something that has taken a 180-degree turn today: "But [now], the Pentagon's inaugurating everything from subsidized transgender surgeries to hunting out supposed ‘White rage’ and White supremacy in the ranks on its own, by its own volition."

Pentagon and FBI at the forefront of 'woke' taxation

The historian analyzed that various organizations such as Disney, universities, including his own, or American Airlines "have accumulated and consolidated power, wealth and influence, and are using them to provoke a marked shift to the extreme left in American culture. "So, it's a top-down, woke revolution — the establishment against us, the people," he said in an interview on the program 
Life, Liberty and Levin
in which he elaborated on an article he published on his blog: Anarchy, American-Style.

Hanson agreed with the host that "outrageous" immigration policies are being developed from power while "brainwashing" children in the country's public schools to make them believe the 'woke' vision as the only reality. "They just do it," said the historian, who used the FBI as an example of what is happening: "the last four directors in succession of the FBI have one thing in common: They've either misled Congress or they've lied under oath to a federal investigator or they claimed amnesia," he said.

Wealth is a common element in 'woke' agents

So how do they do it? Hanson detailed a series of behaviors of specific individuals that perfectly explain the modus operandi. To begin with, it is carried out by people who belong to the Establishment at different strata and levels and whose actions apply to their sphere of influence. The author cited Loris Lerner, who is accused of using her position at the IRS to persecute and fiscally discriminate against conservative-oriented nonprofits.

Another key example is that of racism. This is where Megan Markle comes to mind. The historian criticized that "we have the Duchess of Sussex in Montecito lecturing us on white microaggressions against blacks."

Tyre Nichols' "racist murder” is the most recent example

Regarding racism, one of the main pillars of the 'woke' ideology, one of the most recent examples is grotesque because of the seriousness of what happened. Tyre Nichols was a young black man who lost his life after being beaten by five black police officers. From the very beginning, people such as President Joe Biden identified this event as an example of racism.

Besides being ideologically left-wing, they all have something in common: money. Hanson concluded, "So these are revolutionary ideas that come from the people who are very, very wealthy."