Eric Adams says New York is being "destroyed by immigration crisis"

Adams, who a few months ago welcomed illegals with "open arms," lashed out at President Biden, claiming that the White House had "turned its back" on his city.

New York Mayor Eric Adams declared Friday that New York City is being "destroyed by the migration crisis" as he set out to secure federal funding for his city. Adams delivered these remarks in Washington D.C. during a roundtable discussion organized by the African American Mayors Association.

Mid-week, Adams lashed out at President Biden claiming that the White House had "turned its back" on New York and had left the city to handle the arrival of thousands of migrants on its own. In his opinion, the situation triggered "one of the biggest humanitarian crises" the city has ever experienced.

The city currently houses 34,800 migrants in 112 shelters. More than 56,000 migrants have arrived in New York in the last 12 months. In this regard, Adams has ordered city agencies to cut $4 billion from their budgets over the next four years to pay for the humanitarian effort.

As of March, the city had spent $817 million due to the surge of immigrants. Many of them had been transferred by bus to New York as part of a relief plan proposed by the governors of Texas and Arizona who wanted Democrats to understand the struggles they have been facing at the border.

At first, Adams boasted of his capacity to welcome immigrants and even declared New York City a sanctuary city. However, he finally had to acknowledge the reality, which he expressed with an enlightening sentence:

The city is being destroyed by the migration crisis.