Environmental hypocrisy: two climate activists skip court and go on vacation

They traveled 7,000 miles between Germany and Indonesia on a plane that emits about 2.5 tons of CO2 on this trip alone.

Two German climate activists, who were due to appear in court for obstructing a police operation, decided to skip out and go on vacation to Bali, Indonesia. Missing a court summons without a legitimate reason is serious, but the interesting thing about this case is that both individuals chose to travel by plane.

Their method of travel is surprising considering that climate activists claim to fight to reduce pollution, carbon footprints, etc. They did not travel the nearly 7,000 miles between Germany and Indonesia by bicycle or canoe, which would have been an environmentally friendly, pollution-free alternative, something that is often portrayed in their advertising. Instead, Yannick S. and Luisa S. decided to travel by plane, a means of transportation that emits about 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in a single trip of such a distance.

The two activists are part of the Letzte Generation ("Last Generation") movement. The group excused their behavior, claiming that they did so as private travelers. "They booked their flights as individuals, not as climate activists. You have to keep these two things separate," the organization said.

Months of vandalism

In recent months, several climate activists have protested in the streets of major capitals around the world. One of the methods of "struggle" they used was to stick their hands on surfaces such as roads to avoid security forces passing by and arresting them.

What is even more serious are the acts of vandalism against different works of art. In May last year, someone threw cake against the glass protecting the Mona Lisa, by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, in the Louvre Museum (Paris). The Girl with the Pearl, by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer and Las Majas, by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya were also attacked by climate activists.