Elon Musk makes his Twitter account private

The CEO of the social network assured that the decision was to test the theory that tweets from private accounts get more views.

Elon Musk continues to experiment with Twitter. The latest one was to make his own account private. The Twitter boss made this decision after receiving a tweet from Libs of TikTok, who claimed that their tweets were more visible "on private":

Musk set out to put this claim to the test using his own account, but not before assuring his millions of followers that it was temporary and that he would remove the following day:

Screenshot of Elon Musk's tweet announcing that he was making his account private (Twitter).

By making this decision, only users who already followed Musk will be able to see his tweets. All other users will have to send a follow request that Musk himself will have to approve manually. In addition, the Twitter CEO's followers will not be able to retweet him, but will have to take screenshots of his tweets in order to share them.

As with every tweet he posts, reactions from his 127.7 million followers soon followed, with many people supporting Musk's initiative while others took a dim view:

Former model and Washington Post contributor Courtney Lynne assured Musk that, at least in her case, the theory seemed to hold true: