Disneyland ride catches fire causing visitors to be evacuated

The mechanical dragon from the "Fantasmic" show burst into flames and the fire spread to the rest of the ride. Following this, Disneyland decided to suspend all fire effects in its shows.

Disneyland got quite a scare this Saturday. One of the rides at the emblematic amusement park caught fire causing the park to be evacuated. Specifically, the head of the mechanical dragon from the Fantasmic show went up in flames and the fire spread to the entire ride, as reported by several of the tourists who visited the park at the time: "Just watched Fantasmic Dragon catches on fire at Disneyland," wrote one of the people who were enjoying the show.

According to the authorities and the park itself, no injuries were reported. Despite this, Disneyland decided to take precautions and evacuated visitors from Tom Sawyer Island, where this show takes place. Elaine Gilmer, one of the park's visitors, explained what happened to ABC:

We saw some small explosions coming out of the head, and then, all of a sudden, the whole dragon was just engulfed, and then, all of a sudden, the worker started coming around escorting everyone out for safety. 

Once the park was evacuated, firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly, according to Anaheim (California) Police Sergeant John McClintock. He also mentioned that several Disney workers were treated for possible smoke inhalation, but were released within minutes.

Disneyland decides to suspend fire effects in all its parks

After the fire, Disney made a tough decision. As explained in a statement, all of the Disney parks around the world will temporarily suspend all shows that include fire effects "as a precaution":

On Saturday night, during the final showing of 'Fantasmic' at Disneyland Park, the prop dragon caught fire. Anaheim firefighters responded quickly and extinguished the fire. All members of Tom Sawyer Island were evacuated. Due to smoke and wind, attractions near the island were safely evacuated, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation at this time. We are temporarily suspending fire effects similar to those used in Disneyland Park's 'Fantasmic' in select shows and entertainment experiences worldwide as a precaution following the 'Fantasmic' prop fire at Disneyland Park. The safety of our cast and our visitors is of utmost importance.

The Fantasmic ride is 45 feet tall and first opened at the amusement park in 1992. The park's website explains that since then, it has been telling the story of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice twice a night on Tom Sawyer Island.