Democratic exodus to the GOP gathers momentum: Jeremy LaCombe switches sides

Following Francis Thompson, the Louisiana congressman announced that he was leaving Joe Biden's party and registering with the Republicans.

Democratic departures to the GOP continue to gain momentum. Louisiana Congressman Jeremy LaCombe announced that he was leaving Joe Biden's party and, starting next month, would be registering with the Republicans. He joins Francis Thompson and North Carolina representative Tricia Cotham who also switched sides recently.

Thompson decided to switch parties as he felt more identified with the values espoused by the Conservative Party. In the case of Jeremy LaCombe, The Advocate recalls, the reasons why he decided to register in the Republican Party are still unknown. He confirmed the change on Monday but did not disclose the reasons that led him to change sides.

Democrats divided over Jeremy LaCombe decision

The Democratic Party did speak out on LaCombe's decision. Caucus Chairman, Sam Jenkins, stated in a press release that LaCombe's party switch is not something he is concerned about:

Louisiana Democratic Leader, Katie Bernahardt, also spoke about Jeremy LaCombe's decision to switch parties. She was more upset than Jenkins and accused the lawmaker of joining a party that "subverts democracy."