Cuba takes to the streets again against the dictatorship

The people of Pinar del Río are in the streets protesting against the regime, due to the power outage.

Cuba has once again staged popular demonstrations this Friday, in the streets of Pinar del Rio, 160 kilometers west of Havana. The lack of electricity for more than 12 hours, food shortages and precarious living conditions are said to have been the trigger for this new outburst.

People chanted the slogans "Down with communism", "I am hungry" and "Díaz Canel Singao" at the gates of government and police headquarters. The rallies come just days after the first anniversary of the massive protests that shook Cuba on July 11, 2021. The demonstrations shook some 50 localities, leaving one person dead and more than 1,300 arrests, according to the NGO Cubalex. Last year's anti-government protests were the largest in decades on the island, with people chanting "We are hungry!" and "Freedom!".

This new uprising was centered in Los Palacios, one of the eleven municipalities in Pinar del Rio Province.

Activists and users have shared on social networks images of the protests against the Castro dictatorship.

Cubans continue to resist the leftist regime presided over by Miguel Díaz-Canel. The inhabitants of the island live under repression and any uprising is repelled by the military and police apparatus of the government that controls everything.

Videos of the spontaneous rallies have quickly gone viral.