CPAC Texas 2022: the great meeting of the conservative world arrives

Voz Media sponsors and supports the conference held in Texas and featuring leading conservative personalities.

CPAC Texas 2022 kicks off this Thursday in Dallas. The Conservative Political Action Conference is the largest conservative forum in the world. Created in 1974, CPAC brings together hundreds of conservative organizations, thousands of activists, millions of viewers and world leaders who analyze the global situation and propose solutions to the challenges facing the planet.

The event, which will last until Sunday, will be attended by personalities such as former President Donald Trump, Governors Abbott (Texas) and Stitt (Oklahoma), Congressmen Ted Cruz and Mayra Flores, communicators Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, and strategist Steve Bannon. As for the international presence, the British Nigel Farage, the Brazilian Eduardo Bolsonaro and the Prime Minister of Hungary, Víktor Orbán, are worth mentioning. The Hungarian president has shared on social networks his previous meeting with Trump, whom he has described as an "important ally".

CPAC Dallas is all about strengthening the conservative ideology. As a letter of introduction, the organization vindicates the validity of the U.S. Constitution, "the best political charter created by men to govern themselves," something especially worthy of defense at a time when the interference of the public authorities in each and every sphere of life is being imposed.

Voz Media, sponsor

Voz Media born to give voice to the Hispanic-American community, will be prominently present at CPAC Texas, not in vain is one of its sponsors. A television set will be set up to showcase the most outstanding participants of the conference and to analyze the topics addressed in the different panels.

Medium Voice Set at CPAC 2022
Medium Voice Set at CPAC 2022 (Medium Voice)

Orlando Salazar, president of Voz Media, and Karina Yapor, presenter and executive producer of the group, are part of the panel of speakers. Our group is committed to the conservative movement and to the growing and influential Hispanic community.

Like CPAC, Voz Media defends and promotes the principles and values that the Founding Fathers inscribed in both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and that made the United States a bastion of freedom and Western civilization.