More controversy for Beyoncé: Monica Lewinsky asks her to rectify the situation

In addition, the singer Kelis has accused her of plagiarism for using pieces of "Milkshake".

More trouble for Beyoncé ahead of the release of her new album. Now it is Monica Lewinsky who is requesting the removal of a fragment of a song, recorded in 2013, The song "Partition" is an allusion to the well-known affair between Bill Clinton and Lewinsky. In the lyrics, Beyoncé mentions the expression "do a Lewinsky," with the familiar erotic connotations. "She undid all my buttons and ripped my blouse / She did a Monica Lewinsky to my whole dress," the lyrics go. Lewinsky reminded Beyoncé of this on Twitter, where she curiously defines herself as a muse for rap songs:

Precisely Monica Lewinsky takes advantage of the controversy over a phrase removed from another song to revisit this 2013 issue. She asks her to revise the lyrics, as she considers that this allusion could be considered derogatory. For her part, the singer wants to avoid controversy, so she has announced that she will re-record "Heated" (succumbing to politically correct language). Reinassence has not yet seen the light of day and alarm bells are already ringing in public opinion regarding inclusive language.

Kelis also denounces Beyoncé for plagiarism

The singer Kelis has also denounced that Beyoncé is using fragments of her song "Milkshake" without authorization, which would constitute plagiarism. In this case, through an Instagram live, the rapper complains that this practice of using samples (snippets) is common in the industry, but it is still theft. The fragment of Kelis' song will be removed from Beyoncé's song, specifically the song "Energy", which will also be modified to avoid further conflicts in this new album.

By the way Kelis has also lashed out at Pharrel Williams and Chad Hugo, songwriters who make up The Neptunes brand. As Kelis points out, by not attributing rights to her lyrics, she has been cut off from recognition (because she is not the author of her own songs).