Colombia: Luis Alfredo Garavito, the rapist and murderer of more than 100 children, diagnosed with terminal cancer

The criminal was originally sentenced to more than 1,800 years in prison, but his sentence was reduced to 40 years.

Luis Alfredo Garavito, the most infamous child rapist and murderer in the history of Colombia, has leukemia and eye cancer. Images that recently went viral on social networks show the criminal's deteriorating condition.

A journalist who interviewed Garavito for his books took photographs showing the rapid decline of the criminal's health after he was diagnosed with blood cancer that also affected his left eye. Now, the rapist known as The Beast can be seen much more worn and thinner than usual, with one closed eye.

The man who once disguised himself as a priest, an old man, a street vendor and even a homeless man to lure children and young people with the morbid intention of abusing and murdering them has lost his strength and no longer even makes the minimal effort to seek treatment.

According to the newspaper El Mundo Gravito has been alone in a wing of the Tramacúa prison for some time now and does not even go out to treat his health problems. According to the media, the predator cannot stand other inmates or patients shouting expletives at him when they realize who he is.

Terror in Colombia

Garavito became Colombia's nightmare for how he lured, raped and killed his victims. The criminal managed to pass through 13 departments of the country for seven years before being captured for abusing a minor.

Later the authorities were able to link him to other crimes, and although Garavito tried to deny it, DNA traces on the corpses and other evidence against him proved that he was the perpetrator of almost 140 crimes. However, he later admitted to 32 others.

Garavito was sentenced in 2001 to 1,853 years and nine days in prison, but his sentence was reduced to only four decades because it was determined that the previous sentence was not viable.