CNN joins campaign against "Texas trio": Flores, Garcia and De la Cruz

Mayra Flores responds to journalist Raúl Reyes with irony: "Maybe I'm not the right kind of taco".

Mayra Flores, Monica de la Cruz and Cassy Garcia continue to be a talking point. The New York Times has dedicated two articles to them, one in which it called Flores "ultra-right-wing", and another one in which Jennifer Medina explained the reasons for the surprising electoral success of the Republican representative for Texas.

Now it is journalist and lawyer Raúl A. Reyes, from CNN, who is charging against the three Republican representatives. Reyes says that the congresswomen, elected in their respective constituencies, "while they may be the center of attention for a moment, they have views that are out of the ordinary among Latinos. Their current prominence is more of a publicity coup for the Republican Party than a true reflection of Latino voters." He adds that these candidates have conservative views on issues such as abortion and gun control.

Reyes cites Pew Research polls showing that 60% of Hispanics believe abortion should be legal in most cases, and 58% want stricter gun controls.

More attention to the Hispanic community

Nevertheless, Reyes acknowledges that Democrats should pay more attention to the Hispanic community. "Some Latinos say they feel Democrats take them for a safe vote; a sentiment that provides an opportunity for the GOP in areas such as the Rio Grande Valley," Reyes concludes.

Mayra Reyes laughs at Reyes' article and, mentioning Jill Biden's controversial words, says that  she may not be the right kind of taco for the lawyer and journalist: