Club León makes history and wins its first Concacaf Champions League title

A solitary goal by Lucas Di Yorio helped 'La Fiera' win the title and relieve the Seattle Sounders as champions. The Mexican team will now compete in the Club World Cup.

The goal was clear, and it was achieved. Club León was crowned the new CONCACAF Champions League champion after defeating Los Angeles FC 1-0 in the second leg of the final and winning the series 3-1.

Lucas Di Yorio became La Fiera's hero, scoring the only goal of the second game at BMO Stadium. In the 29th minute of the first half, the Argentinian striker sent the match's only goal into the back of the net after Iván Moreno's cross from the right flank.

"It can't get any better; I can't believe it; it is a beautiful feeling; I'm very happy. We deserve to be in the final. We were able to follow the coach's instructions as we went along so that we could handle the defensive block and when we had the chance to attack, we were forceful.... We knew how to handle the instances when we had to grit our teeth, we all gritted our teeth; when we had to play, we all played," Di Yorio told Fox News at the end of the game.

The tournament MVP, Víctor Dávila, spoke after the game: "This feeling is indescribable. I am very happy, too happy. It is a historic final that the club had never achieved before and what's better than winning the championship. We are very happy, very excited. Now it is time to celebrate all the work that has been done. And what better prize than to go and play in the Club World Cup."

Club León takes over the championship from the Seattle Sounders and adds its first CONCACAF Champions League title to its trophy cabinet. The victory now gives them access to the next Club World Cup.