Cleveland's Democratic mayor blasts prosecutors for lax approach to crime

Justin Bibb called for judicial reform and defended the Biden Administration's anti-crime policies despite the fact that his city ranks sixth in homicides.

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb blasted prosecutors who lack rigor in prosecuting any type of crime. In an interview on NBC's "MTP Now," the Democratic mayor emphasized the "absolute" need to address the problem of lax prosecutors to combat crime.

This statement was made in the face of skyrocketing crime data throughout the country and failed measures introduced by progressive prosecutors in many cities. Prosecutors are being supported by far-left tycoons like George Soros in cities where violence is on the rise, such as Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Bibb also considered police funding to be necessary in order to combat crime. The Democratic mayor praised Joe Biden's position on the issue, asserting that Democrats are committed to equipping law enforcement with resources despite calls from within his party to defund the police:

President Biden has the right message. We, as Democrats, and especially as mayors, believe in police funding.

Another aspect he advocated for was investing in education and programs for children so that crime would decrease over time. In addition, he pointed out that repeat offenders for weapon offenses "should not be on the streets."

Crime in Cleveland

It is a fact that crime and delinquency are on the rise in the country, not only in large cities such as New York or Los Angeles, but also in smaller cities such as Cleveland.

According to the Crymealytics account, there were 64 murders in the city between January and July. With a ratio of 16.9% (out of 100,000 inhabitants), it ranks sixth on the list of cities with the highest murder rate, behind New Orleans, Baltimore, Birmingham, St. Louis and Milwaukee.