Chris Hemsworth surprises by revealing how he has improved his Spanish: "It's in the palm of my hand"

The actor premiered his new movie, 'Extraction 2' in Spain where he was caught with a handy Spanish cheat sheet that his wife wrote for him so that he could practice with fans.

Chris Hemsworth was the star of a funny mishap in Madrid, Spain during the premiere of his new movie, Extraction 2. The actor was posing in photos while promoting Netflix's new feature film when his trick for being able to mingle with his Spanish fans was revealed: He jotted down notes in the palm of his hand. He later shared his strategy on social media:

The notes were the work of his wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, who he has been married to since 2010. She wrote down a phrase for him to say to his fans and the press: "I am very happy to be here in Spain" (translated in Spanish as: "Estoy muy feliz de estar aquí en España"). That line came in handy and the actor used it several times throughout the evening.

Hemsworth told the newspaper El Mundo that he still finds it difficult to speak his wife's native language. During the interview, the press asked him how his Spanish classes were going. He answered by saying, "My children laugh at me and my accent."

His difficulty in speaking Spanish is no secret. The actor often makes fun of his Spanish, which he jokingly says is improving. One of the more recent posts was from July 2022, when Hemsworth wished his wife a happy birthday in "Spanish."