China issues stern warning to Taiwan and simulates precision strikes against critical targets and a total blockade

Beijing conducts major naval air maneuvers after McCarthy's meeting with Tsai Ing-wen.

Tensions have soared this weekend in the Taiwan Strait to a level not seen in recent years. China completely surrounded the island and simulated precision strikes against targets vital to Taiwan's defense. Taipei denounced last Saturday that more than forty Chinese aircraft had crossed the median line of the strait, informally considered the divide between Chinese and Taiwanese territory. Last Sunday, the Taiwanese Armed Forces reported that at least eleven warships sent by the communist regime were situated near the coast. For this Monday, which would be the last day of military maneuvers as announced by Beijing, the Chinese air force plans to rehearse a total blockade of Taiwan.

The United States has appealed for calm from the Beijing government as it blames Washington and Taipei for belittling China and undermining its interests with regular meetings between top politicians of the two countries. Xi's regime is referring to the April 5 meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and Kevin McCarthy, leader of the House of Representatives.

On the first day of the maneuvers, one of the Chinese ships fired a missile while in close proximity to Pingtan Island, the closest point between China and Taiwan. In the footage, a sailor can be heard telling the Chinese ship over the radio, "You are seriously harming security and peace. Stand down. If you continue we will take expulsion measures."