California: teacher wants to "prepare white students as activists against white supremacy"

In a letter sent to parents, Victoria Rosenberg accuses them of "being socialized with the poison of whiteness."

A teacher at a private school in California said a letter obtained by Breitbart News that white skin is "poison" and vowed to expose white students to "racially stressful encounters."

Victoria Rosenberg, a high school teacher at St. Matthew’s Parish in Los Angeles, wrote a letter to her students’ parents entitled, "Dismantling White Supremacy in an Independent School." In the letter, Rosenberg argues that parents and teachers "have all been socialized with the same poison of whiteness."

"Anti-racist teaching" and the role of NART.

The National Anti-Racism Teach-In (NART) is an annual conference that is "designed to identify, analyze and challenge white supremacy," according to their website.

Rosenberg began her letter by praising the topics discussed at the annual NART conference, which among many others, "What it means to be anti-racist and how whiteness has dominated our lives" and "the effects of whiteness, implicit biases and racist practices in the sphere of education."

In the letter, the teacher also calls for integration of the "anti-racist teaching in all subjects at all grade levels" arguing that it will give white students more "exposure" to "racially stressful encounters." She continues by expressing the need to teach students beliefs about the "racial literacy" from an early age:

White students must be prepared to act as conscious activists who can advocate for the enactment of change against white supremacy .... Because of the capitalist system in which we participate, our students are the future ruling class. As such, we have an obligation to teach racial literacy from the beginning.

Rosenberg specifically points out that parents have "a responsibility" to "constantly expose students to abolitionist ideology" for the sake of "collective liberation." She also calls on teachers to "center the stories of resistance and agency of the oppressed." The teacher concludes her letter by noting her own intention to encourage "collaborators" and "co-conspirators."

Neither Victoria Rosenberg nor a school communications official responded to a request for comment from Breitbart News.