Climate madness: California extends ski season into summer due to historic snowfalls

The Golden State has gone from "the worst drought in 1,200 years" to receiving a record amount of snow in its mountainous areas.

The devastating storms that ravaged California throughout 2023 have left an unprecedented amount of snow in The Golden State. Ski resorts in Central and Northern California are extending their seasons into the summer months.

Skis or swimsuit

Ski-lovers will have their choice between skis and snow boots or surfboards and sunscreen on the Californian coast. Many places in the Sierra Nevada accumulated more than 700 inches of snow this season, confirming this year as one of the two snowiest winters on record.

In addition, snow continues to accumulate in some parts of the mountains. For example, as The Washington Post reports, Mammoth Mountain, a resort east of the Sierra Nevada, has spent the winter covered by a blanket of snow. There are nearby houses that were completely buried, and the tops of basketball hoops are barely visible. With 704 inches of accumulated snow, the resort has surpassed the previous record, which dated back to 2010.

“The best spring skiing we’ve ever seen”

The resort's communications director, Lauren Burke, told the Post that "this means we're going to have the best spring skiing we've ever seen." As she explained, they normally close at the end of May, although this year they have extended to the end of July "for the time being.” In 2017, with 617 inches, they were able to stretch the season into early August, she said. The seasonal average is 400 inches.

About 130 miles away, the Palisades Tahoe station, which bills itself as a "the capital of spring skiing," has received 698 inches of snow from winter storms. This is the second highest total in its history. However, the snow continues to fall, and the PR manager believes they will surpass 707 inches, their record high. "We are buried here, but at the same time, we love it," Lacey says. On their website one can consult live, through webcams that have been installed along the slopes, the snowfall.

A “drought” that covers houses with snow

These records have led critics of climate change theories to question the experts. For the time being, snowfall in California has eliminated much of the drought. Colorado River residents will experience power outages due to the current state of the river.