Border deaths have more than tripled since Biden took charge

The number of illegal aliens who lost their lives trying to enter the country increased from 247 immigrants in 2020 to 880 in 2022.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recorded the highest number of illegal immigrant deaths - a total of 880 - at the southern border during the last fiscal year (2021-2022). This is the highest number since official data started to be published in 1998.

The information, which was obtained by The Epoch Times through a request to CBP, also revealed that a record 566 deaths of illegals attempting to cross the border had already been broken in the previous fiscal year (2020-2021).

The number of deaths could be even higher

CBP does not count all illegal immigrant deaths, as Border Patrol agents are not always involved in their discovery or apprehension. "Data may be subject to change based on new discoveries of remains and possible dates of death, as determined by a medical examiner," is the note the office includes in its reports.

The reason for this is that sheriffs' offices in the counties have their own records of bodies found by ranchers, hunters and others. Therefore, the data officially offered by the Biden Administration is not accurate.

Record numbers under the Biden Administration

Despite the fact that the Biden Administration broke the long established policy of publicly releasing the number of deaths at the border -now, they may only be obtained upon request.- Data available through 2020 shows that year marked an all-time low of 247 deaths. Since Joe Biden began his term in 2021, these figures doubled during his first year in office and then tripled the following year in 2022.

U.S. Border Patrol Fiscal Year

(1998-2020) by Voz Media on Scribd

"Biden has blood on his hands."

The Border Patrol apprehended 407,000 immigrants during the first quarter of FY2023. This is an increase of nearly 32% over the same period in 2021-2022 and represents 64% of all apprehensions of illegals so far, according to CBP information.

In 2022, CBP agents reported a record number of nearly 2.4 million immigrants attempting to cross the border. Some communities in Texas, such as Brooks County, were forced to build makeshift mortuaries and makeshift morgues to cope with the growing number of deaths.

Former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan warned The Epoch Times that there is a strong likelihood that the death toll will continue to rise:

When you increase the number of illegal aliens coming in by 500%, all the suffering, tragedies and inhumane actions associated with that will increase. Biden has blood on his hands. You know this is happening. And he knows that migrants are dying. He knows that migrants are being assaulted. He knows that migrants are being raped.