Bolsonaro asks for a six-month visa to stay in the U.S.

Democratic senators proposed a bill that would make it so Bolsonaro cannot stay in Florida and would be deported back to Brazil.

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced last Tuesday that he has applied for a visa to stay at least another six months in Florida. This has been opposed by a group of Democratic senators who announced that they will introduce a law to prevent the politician from remaining in the U.S. and send him back to Brazil.

Bolsonaro arrived in Florida on Dec. 30 on a head of state visa, which allows him to stay in the country for one month. This period ended last Monday, although his lawyer, Felipe Alexandre, assured that they had requested the change before this date. His lawyers say that the former president "needs a little stability," and added, "I think Florida will be his temporary home away from home." Alexandre also acknowledged that Bolsonaro could apply for a permanent visa.

Bolsonaro has not ruled out applying for a permanent visa

A group of 46 Democratic lawmakers have said they do not want Bolsonaro to be granted a permanent visa, accusing him of involvement with civil unrest in Brazil, particularly the case of the assault on the Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace by anti-communist demonstrators, which caused serious damage. Led by Senator Richard Durbin, these Democrats announced that they will introduce a bill on the floor of the House to reject his application so that he cannot remain in or re-enter the country.

"America must never become a safe haven for anyone who assaults the values for which our nation stands: democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and the sanctity of free and fair elections," Durbin told the media. The senator insisted that the Brazilian president's "baseless lies" led his followers to question the integrity of elections, which led to violent protests against government buildings.

Democrats: Give Bolsonaro the same treatment as smugglers and traffickers

These Democrats have proposed granting power to the secretary of state to determine whether Bolsonaro has interfered in an election or transfer of power in his home country. In that case, he would not be able to enter or remain in U.S. territory. While presenting his initiative, Durbin said Bolsonaro should be treated like human traffickers, drug smugglers and money launderers, who are prohibited from obtaining visas.

This is not the first attempt by the Democratic senator to oust the former Brazilian president. In January, he sent a letter to President Biden demanding that the Brazilian's visa be revoked to "render him deportable." He continued: "I urge you to use all available authorities under our immigration laws to ensure that former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is not permitted to remain in the United States."