Bidengate: majority believes Biden "likely" guilty of influence peddling with foreign agents

69% consider this to be a "serious scandal" and 66% believe that the investigations into Hunter's business dealings involved the entire family, including the president.

A large majority (63%) of Americans consider it "likely" that President Joe Biden benefited from a "pay-to-play" scheme with foreign agents during his time as vice president in the Obama administration. Sixty-nine percent believe that the influence peddling being investigated by a House of Representatives committee is "a serious scandal.” In addition, 66% believe the Hunter Biden case is an issue that affects the entire Biden family, "including the president."

This data came from a survey published by Rasmussen Reports, conducted between May 8-10. The poll revealed that a significant number of Democratic supporters (42%) consider it "likely" that the president committed this crime. The numbers grow significantly among independents (65%) and Republican voters (85%).

Even Democrats blame Biden

In addition, 69% consider these findings to be a "serious scandal.” Among that, nearly half of respondents who said they were Democrats (49%).

Finally, Rasmussen asked respondents whether they agreed that the Hunter Biden financial scandal "affects the entire Biden family, including the president." Again, the majority blamed the president, with 66% believing that it was a family scandal. A resounding 43% of Democratic Party supporters also believe the president was involved in the alleged crimes for which his son is currently under investigation.