Biden shrugs off high inflation: "it was already there when I got here"

When the president took office inflation was at 1.4% and has only increased since then.

President Joe Biden came under fire Friday after denying that rising prices are his fault and claiming that inflation was already high when he took office.

The president was speaking at the White House about the first month’s jobs report when he was questioned by a reporter about whether or not he accepted responsibility for the high inflation in the United States.

"Do you take any blame for inflation, Mr. President?" one of the reporters asked.

"Do I take any blame for inflation? No," Joe Biden replied.

The journalist went further and insisted that the president explain why he considers that inflation is not his fault.

"Because it was already there when I got here, man. Remember what the economy was like when I got here? Jobs were hemorrhaging, inflation was rising. We weren’t manufacturing a damn thing here. We were in real economic difficulty. That’s why I don’t. Thank you," he said and left the podium avoiding all the other questions he was being asked by reporters at that time.

When Joe Biden took office in 2021, inflation was only 1.4% and last year, inflation reached the highest point in four decades when it reached 9.1%.

"If legacy media were not populated overwhelmingly by leftists, they’d explode over a lie told this brazenly. Inflation was at 1.4% annually until Joe Biden wanted his name on a stimulus package the country didn’t need," stated Duane Patterson who works for Hugh Hewitt's program.

"President Joe Biden says he bears no responsibility for inflation, despite signing off on massive spending in budget years 2021 and 2022. He is either lying or really dumb about the causes of inflation," said journalist Nick Gillespie.

Writer John Ziegler also commented on the president's statements: "So Biden is unabashedly taking credit for the current job market (where he benefits from taking over at end of covid restrictions), but absolutely not taking any blame for the ongoing inflation crisis, while lying about what the situation was when he took over… Seems legit."