Biden seeks to persuade voters and proposes a slight tightening of immigration policies

Finally, on the night of May 9, President Joe Biden announced new immigration measures to address the unavoidable border crisis, which has exploded in his Government . The measures, as reported in Voz Media earlier , imply a toughening, albeit slight, against illegal migrants and asylum seekers.

Now, the Biden administration is proposing some changes to asylum standards, as announced in a statement this Thursday by the White House and its head of national security, Alejandro Mayorkas, which It would allow express deportations and speed up the resolution of cases of illegal migrants who today crowd the border.

According to Biden, these changes will be limited in scope and "would only affect a small" number of people who carry serious crimes or pose a risk to national security . This is an effort, in the midst of an attempt to toughen its stance on migration, to please the progressive wing that is betting on soft politics.

The new rule would allow border officials to immediately turn away those they deem ineligible for asylum.

"The proposed rule we have published today is another step in our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the American public by quickly identifying and removing those individuals who pose a security risk and have no legal basis to remain here," Mayorkas said in a statement. release.

The decision is due to the electoral situation. One of the main concerns of Americans is the border crisis and, without a doubt, it is one of the burdens that imposes the most weight on Biden's weak campaign, who is facing a notable drop in his popularity.

According to a Reuters and Ipsos survey from April of this year, today 56% of Americans reject Biden; while the president has an approval rating of only 38%.

According to the same survey, immigration ranks third among the issues that cause the most concern for all Americans . When raised between parties, the border crisis is the main concern of Republicans, with 34%.

For the Republican Party, beyond Biden, one of those largely responsible for the delicate situation on the border is Alejandro Mayorkas, whom the party in Congress has already tried to remove - without success, however, due to the Democratic majority. in the Senate.

Republicans insist that under the Biden administration there has been an unprecedented, uncontrolled and dangerous entry of illegal immigrants.