Biden concerned about Democratic mayors' turnaround on immigration

Buses from Texas loaded with irregular immigrants are causing tensions in the Democratic Party.

President Joe Biden is concerned about the stance taken by several Democratic mayors, who have publicly complained about the number of immigrants arriving in buses from states such as Texas. Governor Greg Abbott initiated these relocations to protest the government's actions on immigration. The shipments of immigrants have provoked complaints from mayors such as those of New York and Washington D.C. Complaints that have not pleased the President and "have caused voltages between the White House and the Democratic mayor (Muriel Bowser)"...The message and the optic are not what the White House wants to hear or see from a Democratic mayor."reported Breitbart collecting information from officials who asked not to be identified.

Muriel Bowser requested several weeks ago the intervention of the city's National Guard in order to manage immigration problems, but her request was denied. White House officials would disagree with the mayor's description of reality. The official said that the situation is unsustainable because they do not have sufficient resources to assist the people who are arriving and described immigration as a "humanitarian crisis" that has reached a "tipping point".

For his part, New York Mayor Eric Adams lamented the arrival in the city of 14 immigrants who came in a second bus that was sent from Texas by Governor Gregg Abbott. Adams has described the situation in the city in very harsh terms: "This is horrible, when you think about what the governor is doing".

He has even found it necessary to ask Joe Biden, who leads the open-door policy, for help: "We need the federal government's help: money, technical assistance and more". On previous occasions the mayor has referred to immigrants as a "heavy burden".

Governor Greg Abbott invited a few days ago at Mayor Erick Adams of New York City and Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, visit the state's border with Mexico so that they can have a real vision of the dimension of the crisis human life that is lived by the wave of immigrants illegal aliens that keep on coming.

In June of this year alone, more than 128,000 people have been apprehended crossing the Texas border.