Biden backs off and discusses implementing Trump policy on border crisis

So far the Biden administration has not been able to control the situation at the border. In fact, it has only gotten worse.

Biden's border mismanagement has become increasingly evident. Last November alone, 73,000 people managed to cross illegally and evade agents in the area, and the situation is expected to worsen following the end of the Title 42 border policy.

This measure was implemented during the Covid-19 health crisis in March 2020 and allowed border agents to expeditiously turn away groups of migrants crossing the border illegally.

According to data published by Fox News, this measure alone has prevented more than 2 million asylum seekers from entering the country.

However, the measure will end on December 21. This comes after a judge blocked Title 42 limits at the border, which could result in a doubling of the number of illegal border crossings, according to Biden's own administration's projections.

Total failure

Because of this situation, the president may be considering reviving a Trump policy to place limits on immigrants who want to apply for asylum.

According to information from Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, the plan would be based on preventing some migrants who cross the border illegally from seeking asylum if they have not previously sought similar protection in other countries and have been denied.

Although this is one of several plans that are apparently being discussed by the U.S. president's top advisors, if chosen, it would demonstrate the total failure of the policies that the president has taken so far. It would also reaffirm Trump's efforts to curb the massive influx of illegals at the southern border.

"Estraordinary" pressure

For now, discussions on this issue remain behind closed doors, but a decision will be made very soon. If not, the situation could become even more complicated for a country that is already unable to keep control of irregular income.

In fact, Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently acknowledged that if the number of 18,000 migrants per day were to be reached, the system, which already has a low response capacity, would be put put under "extraordinary" pressure.