Benjamin Netanyahu's new hospitalization just days before the vote on judicial reform

Yariv Levin, the mastermind behind his judicial reform, will step into the shoes of Israel's prime minister for the duration of his pacemaker operation.

Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that he will undergo heart surgery. Israel's prime minister confirmed the news Saturday night via a video posted on Twitter. The operation will take place on Sunday and will be to place a pacemaker, for which he will have to be sedated for some time. Yariv Levin, the intellectual author of his judicial reform, will be in charge of replacing him for the duration of the process.

The prime minister, who has held office on three different occasions since 1996, had already been hospitalized in mid-July due to dehydration caused by the heat wave. On that occasion, he was hospitalized this Saturday at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, near his private residence on the Caesarea coast. Once his general condition improved, he was discharged on July 16.

During that hospitalization he had been fitted with a monitoring device, a device that sounded on Saturday night, setting off alarm bells in Jerusalem. As a result he will have to be fitted with a pacemaker on Sunday. "I feel great, but I listen to my doctors.", expressed Bibi in the video posted on the social network of the little bird.

His office informed that he will be transferred to the same hospital as in the previous hospitalization and that he is expected to be discharged on Sunday, July 23. As soon as he sets foot outside the health center, Netanyahu will address the Knesset (Israeli parliament) prior to the vote on his judicial reform, which has generated much unease among opponents, with whom the prime minister said he hopes to reach an agreement.

Israel witnessed many protests over the past few months in connection with the judicial reform, which plans to take away some of the powers of the Supreme Court of Justice. According to the government, the institution has become elitist and no longer properly represents the citizens of Israel, so the Executive Branch will have more power in selecting its members. The vote to confirm or not the reform will take place on Monday, so all eyes will be on the parliament.