At least 10 dead in a traffic accident involving a truck transporting immigrants in Mexico

The alleged human trafficker fled the scene. Authorities continue to investigate the incident.

At least 10 immigrants died in a traffic accident when the truck that was transporting them to the United States border was overturned. The incident occurred last Sunday on the Pijijiapan-Tonalá highway in Chiapas.

Local media outlet El Heraldo de Chiapas detailed that at least 16 injuries were also recorded and that they were transferred to the Rafael Alfaro Hospital for medical attention. Six of the immigrants have not yet been identified. Telemundo indicated that "rescue forces said that the majority of the deceased migrants were women, and a minor also died. A little more than 40 people from Cuba, Venezuela and Central American countries were traveling in the truck."

'The alleged human trafficker fled the scene'

"The alleged human trafficker fled the scene; meanwhile, the ministerial authorities continue with the corresponding investigations," reported El Heraldo de Chiapas.

Authorities arrived at the scene to address the situation and "cordon off the area while members of Expert Services for Migrant Assistance arrived to remove the bodies and begin the corresponding investigations."

So far the following have been identified: Dayanis Morales Piedra, 23 years old, Naelys Carrillo Rodríguez, Aylen Moreira Guimarais and María Fernanda Lara Taravela, 12 years old, all of Cuban nationality, while six are unknown.