Arrival of second immigrant plane in Sacramento intensifies Newsom's attacks on DeSantis

The California governor called his Floridan counterpart a "small, pathetic man" and insisted he will try to press charges against him for "kidnapping."

The arrival of a plane carrying 20 illegal immigrants in Sacramento, Calif., prompted California Governor Gavin Newsom to lash out at his Floridan counterpart, Ron DeSantis, whom he accused of organizing these flights. In a tweet, Newsom called him a "small, pathetic man" and hinted that he will try to press charges against him for "kidnapping."

Newsom warns DeSantis: "This isn't Martha's Vineyard"

The California governor referenced the California Penal Code, which he accused DeSantis of violating. According to the text, "Every person who, being out of this state, abducts or takes by force or fraud any person contrary to the law of the place where that act is committed, and brings, sends, or conveys that person within the limits of this state, and is afterwards found within the limits thereof, is guilty of kidnapping."

In addition, Newsom blamed DeSantis for arranging these flights, recalling what happened with the bussing of illegal migrants to Martha's Vineyard last year. In contrast to this occasion, the Florida state communications director acknowledged that they were behind the events. However, California Attorney General Rob Bonta assured that the immigrants were "apparently" carrying documentation from the state of Florida.

Last Saturday, 16 migrants were abandoned in a church

The crisis began last Saturday, when 16 undocumented immigrants were abandoned outside a Sacramento church. The immigrants said they had been approached in El Paso, Texas, by a private contractor who promised them work and housing. They were taken to New Mexico, from where they were flown to the California capital.