Argentina: it is urgent not to play Kirchner's game

The Kirchnerist governments have been characterized by inflation, poverty generation, corruption, hatred, lies and immorality. Why no, these are not clichés of an angry person. The current vice president, Cristina Kirchner, is an expert in each of these areas. She did so with outstanding professionalism when it was her turn to preside over the country and she does so now while she is presiding over it via her puppet, the unworthy, shuffling, liar that is Alberto Fernandez.

During her term as president, Cristina distorted inflation and poverty data through the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) and said that her enormous fortune, amassed thanks to political corruption, was made possible because she was a "successful lawyer." She also took it upon herself to remove judges and prosecutors who dared to investigate her, as was the case of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was literally removed: he was found dead in his apartment a day and a half before presenting before Congress the case against her for covering up the attack against the Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA), perpetrated in 1994 and which left 85 people dead. After Nisman's murder, Cristina first said that it had been a murder and then later she said that the prosecutor had actually committed suicide, a theory that is still maintained today by her entourage and the Kirchnerism addicted media. Then Kirchnerism launched a smear campaign against Nisman, who could no longer defend himself, accusing him of being a "whoremonger," "corrupt" and other nonsense, as if that would free the then president from the serious accusations against her after her government signed a friendship pact with the Iranian dictatorship to absolve her responsibility for the attack that, according to the prosecutor, Teheran had planned. It is worth noting that at that time, a Kirchnerist official said that Nisman was killed by a scorned homosexual lover. Therefore, according to Kirchnerism, the prosecutor committed suicide, was killed, was a whoremonger and was murdered by a homosexual lover. The lying and immorality with which they handled this case is common in Kirchnerism.

Hateful rants against opponents and journalists were and are also common currency. Kirchnerist fanatics physically assaulted reporters, attacked the Clarín media group offices with Molotov cocktails, the AFIP (the tax collection agency) persecuted journalists... and the list goes on.

We also remember corrupt trade unionists and militants close to Kirchnerism asking their enemies to be executed or hanged during the mandate of Mauricio Macri, whose young daughter was threatened with death, as well as María Eugenia Vidal's daughters, the then governor of the province of Buenos Aires.

The Kirchnerist love continued long after the allegations made by prosecutor Luciani, who, with a level of courage similar to that of prosecutor Nisman, dared to accuse Cristina in the Vialidad case, perhaps the most proven of all the cases against the former president. Luciani explained in great detail how the vice-president and her husband, the late Néstor Kirchner (president of the country from 2003 to 2007), illicitly made themselves rich. The maneuver consisted of turning a bank employee, Lázaro Báez, into a businessman from one day to the next, shortly before Néstor took office. They then handed over the vast majority of their projects to their companies, especially to Austral Construcciones. The projects awarded to this lucky businessman were not completed or received more money than necessary. The surplus of money was returned to the Kirchner family by renting rooms in Kirchner family hotels for the Kirchner family to rent out so that's Lazaro's employees could get some rest. However, the hotels were usually empty. Strange. The successful new businessman, who was able to buy land more than 20 times the size of the city of Buenos Aires, also acquired ten properties from the powerful family in, shall we say, controversial transactions. In 2015, when Macri won the election, the companies magically disappeared. Eye-catching, isn't it?

All of the above is just a couple of drops in the deep ocean of Kirchner's gross corruption.

She is capable of anything for the sake of power, and regardless of whether it was an operation or a madman on the loose, no one can raise a finger accusing those who disbelieve this lady. They accustomed us to lies, humiliation, violence, division, hypocrisy, injustice and corruption. These are the consequences.

Luciani requested a sentence against Cristina of 12 years of imprisonment and permanent disqualification from holding public office. How did Kirchnerism respond? With love of course. Her entourage launched all kinds of open threats to judges and prosecutors, chants were heard from fanatics warning that acts of violence would be carried out in the streets "if they touch Cristina" and President Fernandez even went so far as to say, with a clear intimidating tone, that he hopes Luciani would not commit suicide like Nisman did. The vice-president, for her part, accused Macri of everything, spoke about "lawfare" and other nonsense, but he could not refute any of the accusations against him.

For days, pro-Kirchner fans were stationed in front of the Vice President's apartment in the coquettish neighborhood of Recoleta, in the city of Buenos Aires. They cut off the street, blocking traffic, drank, made constant noise, preventing neighbors from resting, and provoked the police, who were forced to act to partially restore order. Kirchnerism, which is unequaled when it comes to using any event politically, accused the opposition city's government of being "dictatorial" and "repressive." 

Cristina had achieved her goal, to put up a thick smokescreen to cover up the terrible situation to which we were led and to cover the adjustment being carried out by the new Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, because money ran out and the bomb that populist spending usually leaves behind was exploding in the face of Kirchnerism and its allies. The situation under Macri was not as disastrous as it is now, but we all witnessed serious violence during his term. For the fanatics and followers of Kirchnerism, when the Queen governs, debt is not debt; inflation is the fault of the price makers; the poor are the fault of Macri and the neoliberal demons and the adjustment...what adjustment? Hang in there, Cristina!

The tragicomic aspect of the matter is that the Kirchnerists continue filling their mouths with the battle of "love against hate" and continue saying that any criticism is, in fact, a "hate speech." Textbook Third World populism.

After all these tensions, a striking episode occurred in which, while Cristina was signing autographs and greeting her followers, a Brazilian man armed with a pistol fired at the side of her head, but the bullet did not come out. As was to be expected, Kirchnerist politicians, the propagandists of the ruling party -wrongly called journalists-, allied unionists and blinded fanatics began to blame the opponents for their "hate speech," which, according to them, pushed the attacker to try to assassinate Cristina. President Fernandez made an official statement on television at midnight and declared a national holiday for the following day, even though that day started two or three minutes after her speech. To what end, you ask? "To reflect," said the puppet. However, it turns out that The Kirchnerists made the reflection The Kirchnerists through a large demonstration in which chants and expressions against opponents and the media were heard. So much love, you know.

Libertarian Congressman Javier Milei was right in recalling that a holiday was never declared for the deaths caused by insecurity, for the attacks against the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA or for the Once Tragedy (a train accident that killed 52 people), and he was also right in pointing out that the political caste believes it is superior to the rest of the citizens.

On the other hand, as expected, it is said that this is yet another operation to continue diverting people's attention, deepen victimization, pressure the Justice and the opposition and recover part of the enormous support lost in view of the 2023 presidential elections. Of course, social networks were plagued with false information; that is inevitable, but who can blame people for having doubts after all the lies, acts of violence, the death of Nisman, corruption and the head of a criminal gang's mafia-like behavior? She is capable of anything for the sake of power, and regardless of whether it was an operation or a madman on the loose, no one can raise a finger accusing those who disbelieve this lady. They accustomed us to lies, humiliation, violence, division, hypocrisy, injustice and corruption. These are the consequences.

If it really was an attempted attack, it's a good thing the bullet didn't make its way out. Of course, now she must pay for all her misdeeds as any other citizen would do and as the law of the same country she governs indicates.