AOC booed during a public rally in New York

Protesters expressed their displeasure with the congresswoman's position on the debt ceiling, aid to Ukraine and other issues.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the target of criticism from a crowd of protesters upset with her and her party's position on military aid to Ukraine, migration and other issues of great relevance to the country.

Ocasio-Cortez was at an event for constituents in Queens, New York, when she began to be heckled and booed by those in attendance. The first shout came from a man upset with the way the Democrats are dealing with the immigration issue. "American citizens before migrants," expressed the gentleman as he approached the representative and insulted her.

Security escorted the man to the exit and Ocasio-Cortez laughed about what happened. However, this man was only the first of many to express his frustration.

As Ocasio-Cortez spoke about her stance on aid for Ukraine and criticized Republicans for the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations, a woman interrupted calling for an end to war funding and help for communities.

More and more disgruntled people emerged from the crowd shouting and holding up signs against the congresswoman and her party's actions. "America First," "AOC: An Obvious Criminal" and "Stop Funding Ukraine," read some of the messages that on posters.

AOC comments on the event

After the event ended, the congresswoman published a summary of the event on Twitter. However, she completely omitted the part where she was criticized by those present. "It was awesome answering all your questions, discussing the debt limit, and more," she wrote, apparently pleased with the results of the event.