Another Norfolk Southern train derails, this time in North Carolina

The railway company said there are no reports of hazardous materials or risk to the general public.

Another Norfolk Southern train derailed Saturday morning in Lexington, North Carolina. The railroad stated that there are no reports of hazardous materials to the public.

Reports indicate that two front wheels of one of the train's 132 cars came off the track, but the car remained upright at all times, so the crew is safe.

"One of our trains traveling through Lexington derailed this morning. Of the train’s 132 cars, 1 has derailed. There are no reports of a hazmat situation or danger to the public. Our crew is safe and additional personnel are on their way to begin cleanup," stated a spokesman for the railway company.

The derailment caused delays at several Triad stations, including High Point and Greensboro.

"We appreciate the public’s patience and care near this area during the cleanup work," the spokesperson added.

The derailment of this train comes less than a month after another train from the same company derailed in East Palestine and caused a spill of hazardous chemicals into the local soil, water and air.

East Palestine derailment

The February 3 incident spilled tons of vinyl chloride and phosgene, a gas that was used as a chemical weapon during the First World War.

Substances released on the train not only caused the deaths of thousands of animals in the area, but now also pose a long-term health risk to the population, according to researchers from Texas A&M University and Carnegie Mellon University.

The experts warned that the elevated levels of spilled chemicals could cause eye and lung irritation, headaches and other symptoms.