... and these are the ten most unpopular governors

Dan McKee (Rhode Island) doesn't even reach 40% approval... and yet he's far more popular than Biden.

In the study carried out by Morning Consult on the popularity of governors, Democrat Dan McKee comes out particularly badly, with only 38% approval, although he does not reap as much rejection as his colleague Kate Brown, from Oregon, the only one who exceeds -by far- 50% of rejection (55%).

Well, McKee is... far more popular in his state than Joe Biden is in the country. The president is currently enjoying his worst popularity record, with a pyrrhic 31%.

This is the top ten of unpopularity among governors (it is striking that all Republicans have a positive net popularity, i.e., their approval ratings are higher than their disapproval ratings).

1. Dan MacKee (Democrat –d–): 43% dissaproval vs 38% approval

(Kenneth C. Zirkel- Wikimedia)

2. Kate Brown (d), Oregon: 55% vs 40%

(Oregon National Guard - Wikimedia)

3. David Ige (d), Hawaii: 44% vs 49%

(Dallas Nagata White-Flickr)

4. Doug Ducey (r), Arizona: 47% vs 44%

(Gage Skidmore-Wikimedia)

5. Tony Evers (d), Wisconsin: 47% vs 46%


6. Tom Wolf (d), Pennsylvania: 46% vs 47%


7. Kim Reynolds (r), Iowa: 45% vs 47%

(Gage Skidmore-Wikimedia)

8. Tate Reeves (r), Mississippi: 43% vs 47%


9. Kevin Stitt (r), Oklahoma: 41% vs 48 %


10. Mike Parson (r), Missouri: 36% vs 48%

(Office of Missouri Governor-Wikipedia)