Analyst predicts major complications for Apple and Google in 2023

Although both companies have so far managed to stay ahead despite numerous changes in the industry, this year could be decisive.

Apple and Google could be hitting a bit of a rough patch due to the changes they will have to face during the next few months.

While Google will have to deal with the threat posed by the rise of ChatGPT, Apple could be disrupted with the iOS operating system update that will allow third parties to offer their own apps for the iPhone and iPad, as stated by analyst Matt Weinberger in an article for Business Insider.


According to the Weinberger's report, Apple has until now based much of its business on the commissions it charges for App Store downloads and Apple Music subscriptions.

In fact, one of the great advantages the company had was that all apps in the App Store were subjected to internal evaluations to ensure the safety and quality of the content to customers, which gave the brand a certain exclusivity.

However, Apple has received a lot of criticism and pressure from politicians for being anti-competitive, as the company's users do not have other software alternatives. Everything could change this year if Apple does open up with the new iOS update and allow other app store competitors for the first time.

Although the next steps will undoubtedly be decisive for the future of the company, it will finally be determined whether such exclusivity was really necessary.

"If the App Store opens up and the iPhone doesn't become a toxic hellhole, maybe Apple will reconsider its approach. Or it may open the floodgates and the iOS ecosystem becomes a lawless wasteland," Weinberger said.


According to Weinberger, digital advertising has been one of the biggest moneymakers for Google. However, the priority given to sponsored results instead of relevant information is seen as a nuisance by many users.

The advent of ChatGPT could provide clear answers to queries, without even having to search through several links, which could leave traditional search engines in the past.

"ChatGPT is very versatile. It can answer simple queries such as the population of Paris or the definition of 'parliamentarian'. But you can also ask him to write a William Shakespeare-style sonnet about the Burger King menu or a code snippet ready to add to your current application. While not always perfect, it is absolutely mind-blowing to use a system that will find what you are looking for if it exists, or create something for you on the spot if it doesn't," said Weinberger.

While this may put the tech giant in a bind, it could also be the impetus it needs to innovate and reach the next level to provide a faster and more efficient user experience.