Americans reject woke terminology

Most consider these terms as an attempt by the left to deform language for political purposes.

This week, the New York Times published the results of an online questionnaire about "offensive" words, the survey was completed by 4,000 adults and asked them which terms they would or would not use. Topping the list of most rejected words or terms are "chestfeeding", "biological father" and "latinx." Most Americans believe that various woke terms are created by the left as a way to control dialogue and ideas.

90% of users reject the word "chestfeeding," which UR Medicine defines as "a term used by trans people who identify as male but have the biology to breastfeed their baby." Eighty-five percent say they would use the term "breastfeeding."

"No" to "latinx" or "chestfeeding".

Another word rejected by Americans is "biological father," with 66% voting no. They see this term as yet another attempt by the left to erase gender and hide the fact that only women can give birth. 86% prefer to use "pregnant woman."

Only 22% of users use the term "latinx." The rest believe it is a made-up gender-neutral word invented by far-left Democrats. 70% use "Latino" and "Latina."

'NYT' reacts

In the wake of the uproar caused by the poll, the Times tried to brush aside the backlash against gender ideology and published an article under the headline “Despite the panic on the right, few have stopped using ‘woman.'”

“The panic on the right! As if it wasn’t the Times and progressives pushing this Newspeak in the first place,” the New York Post editorial board rebutted. “As usual, the left takes a radical position — erasing gender — then, when faced with resistance, frames it as ‘conservatives are outraged.’