VIDEO: American Airlines flight forced to make emergency landing after one of its engines catches fire

The aircraft struck a flock of birds, which caused a fire in one of the aircraft's turbines. Authorities reported no injuries in the incident.

One of the engines of a Boeing 737 burst into flames on Sunday after the plane hit a flock of geese. The incident occurred shortly after takeoff from Columbus, Ohio, and forced American Airlines Flight 1958 to return to the airport.

Several videos are circulating on social networks and show what happened from the passengers' point of view. In one of them you can see how the flames come out from the turbine. Several other Internet users also recorded the images from the ground.

The plane's pilots then initiated a maneuver to return to Columbus and land as soon as possible before the turbine situation could worsen. They managed to land and the incident ended without injuries.

Once the plane was on the ground, it was possible to see the remains of the impact with the geese on its right wing and turbine, while the Boeing is being inspected by firefighters. This is the second such incident in less than a week. Last Thursday, a similar incident occured in Charlotte, North Carolina.