Alaska bans downloading and using TikTok on government devices

Governor Mike Dunleavy joins the Senate, the House of Representatives and other states such as Texas and South Dakota in banning the app from state devices.

TikTok is under scrutiny. First, the Senate banned employees from downloading and using the Chinese social network on government devices. The House of Representatives joined in a few days later. Previously, 16 states such as Texas and South Dakota also banned the app from state-owned cell phones and other electronic devices. Alaska is the most recent state to join the bunch.

Governor Mike Dunleavy issued an order banning TikTok on any official devices, deeming it to pose a "clear risk" to both public and individual safety:

Simply put, TikTok poses a clear risk to any network or user it touches. National security experts continue to highlight TikTok as a national security concern, including the possibility that the Chinese government may use TikTok to control data collection, influence TikTok's recommendation algorithm and compromise personal devices.

"It should be removed immediately"

Dunleavy's order states that the app is to be removed if it was already downloaded:

Additionally, if TikTok is currently downloaded on any State device, it must be immediately removed, and appropriate steps shall be taken to secure the device.

Any citizen will also be banned from logging on to the social network as long as they are connected to the public network.