After two years in office Biden says he "intends" to visit the border

Since the president took office, he has avoided traveling to the area where record numbers of illegal migrants have been recorded entering the country.

President Joe Biden announced that he finally plans to go to the Mexican border and talk about the record number of migrants who are crossing into the country. However, he gave no assurance of action.

The president was about to board Air Force One when he told reporters of his "intention" to visit the southern border as part of his trip to the North American Leaders Summit to be held in Mexico City. "That’s my intention, we’re working out the details now," he expressed.

Since Biden took office as president two years ago, he has not been to the border area, something that has been highly criticized because of the crisis stemming from the unprecedented number of illegal immigrants crossing into the nation on a daily basis. "I'm going to see what's going on. I'm going to be making a speech tomorrow on border security, and you'll hear more about it tomorrow," he said.

Not his priority

Both Republicans and Democrats have asked the president to visit the area, but so far it has not been part of his priorities.

In fact, Biden himself claimed he had "more important things" to do when he flew in December to Arizona without visiting the southern border. The president was only 300 kilometers away from the crisis zone to visit the facilities of a Taiwanese chip company that planned to invest thousands of dollars in the development of advanced microchips, but he did not consider taking a moment of his time to go to the place where thousands of people manage to circumvent border security on a monthly basis.

In FY 2022 alone, illegal crossings exceeded two million. In fact, border protection sources have stated that the daily number of apprehensions is 6,858. "President Biden has presided over a catastrophic collapse of border security unparalleled in modern times," Gene Hamilton, vice president of America First Legal and former senior advisor to the secretary of Homeland Security, said several weeks ago.