Activist group sends packages of sex-change items to children across the country

The organization has also shipped "self-defense" weapons free of charge and secretly as part of its product line.

A Florida activist group is secretly sending hundreds of packages containing sex-change items and weapons to transgender children across the country.

The Queer Trans Project (QTP) has been sending free kits with products such as condoms, special adhesive tape to hide male genitalia, and bras, among other items. Until recently, the gift packs also included weapons such as knives, tasers, pepper spray and even an instruction manual on how to use them.

According to the group's director, Cielo Sunsarae, the weapons were provided by another activist group called Thorn, which is based in Chicago. The organization considers these items "self-defense" and is even considering bringing these products back along with other programs that gave away hormones and even funding for transgender surgeries.

"After careful consideration and with bittersweet feelings, we are discontinuing the aforementioned programs. While we are pausing some of our programs at this time, it does not necessarily mean that they are gone forever," QTP states on its website.

According to the group's website, the kits are available to recipients of all ages, including children, and more than 900 have already been delivered nationwide.

Is it legal?

The Epoch Times contacted several experts to talk about these packages being sent, and they stated that the group could be incurring crimes, at least under the laws of some states.

Jeff Childers, attorney and physician, said that QTP appears to be violating Florida law because, in that state, it is "illegal to sell or distribute any material or product that is harmful to minors, including sexual devices, pornography, or other adult products, to anyone under the age of 18."

However, the head of the organization seems unconcerned. "Anything they could do on the governmental level, we're gonna fight back at the organization level. They can do whatever they want. But as a nonprofit organization( ...), you guys can't come for us," he told The Epoch Times.