A "weak and abusive" case that won't stop Trump from running for office

Voz Media's COO stresses that "even the biggest Trump haters didn't want this to happen" and emphasizes that "they are doing the former president a favor."

Donald Trump's indictment by the New York grand jury is bad news for Democratic politicians. First, because it does not prevent the former president from going ahead with his bid for the White House in 2024, or even from starting his term, should he win. According to an assessment by Pablo Kleinman, COO of Voz Media, the judge will be presented with a "weak" case.  The case is "the worst, weakest and most abusive" the prestigious lawyer Alan Dershowitz has ever seen.

For the veteran lawyer, whose clients include Trump himself, much of the case is due to the defendant's name and the fact that the investigation was conducted in New York.

The worst, weakest and most abusive case of fiscal indiscretion in my 60 years of practicing law. I have never seen a weaker case. I have never seen a weaker case. I have never seen a case that would be so easy to win if the person's name was not Donald Trump and the city was not New York. There's a risk he could lose with some of the 12 jurors in New York who will be terrified to come home to their family and friends and say we acquitted Trump. And so this is the most abusive case I've ever seen.

Dershowitz added that Trump's indictment "violates due process in every way," insisting that "the statutes are inapplicable" and that "the statute of limitations has expired."

"They are making Trump out to be a victim"

The COO of Voz Media elaborated on this theory on Mega Tv. Kleinman acknowledged he was surprised by the indictment because "even the biggest Trump haters didn't want it to happen this way. They were waiting for a stronger case, like the one they are trying to make in Georgia. This is a very weak case. First, because it is ridiculous. They are talking about something that happened even before he was president."

Kleinman analyzed the Stormy Daniels case, for which Trump will have to go before a judge. He explained that one of the main witnesses for the prosecution acknowledged that the former president did not commit the main crime he is accused of- paying off the porn actress in exchange for her silence. "They say that the payment because he did not speak was with campaign money. But Trump's own former lawyer, Michael Cohen, in a letter he sent at the time to the U.S. Attorney's Office, said that Trump had not given him the money, that he had paid it out of his law firm's funds. So, they can't prove that Trump paid this money." The COO of Voz Media also recalled that "there are many precedents: John Edwards paid at the time, Bill Clinton paid a much, much higher figure to Gennifer Flowers to keep her from talking.... They are doing Trump a favor."

They are making Trump out to be a victim and the only thing that is going to do is make those who empathize with him, his supporters or even people who still don't support him, so upset by this persecution, which is clearly political persecution, that they are going to say 'this can't be, let's support him.' They are trying to prevent Trump from being able to run in the next election. How could they prevent that? Then let him be prosecuted and not be able to run. The thing is, this case is so weak that they can't manage to do that.