A man decapitates a woman in the middle of the street in Northern California

One witness notes that it was a "disturbing scene" as the victim's head was found under a car.

In the Northern California city of San Carlos, a man was arrested on a murder charge after he allegedly cut off a woman's head with a sword or machete. The victim's name is still being withheld, police said.

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office deputies found a woman dead in front of her residence after a witness reported the situation. During a press conference, County Lieutenant Eamon Allen said the victim had two daughters - ages 1 and 7 - who were inside their home at the time of the crime, so they did not witness the crime.

The killer and the facts

The alleged murderer, José Solano Landaeta, had a temporary restraining order against the deceased for 5 months. County authorities said the assailant and victim knew each other without disclosing the relationship between them. The weapon used is still being searched.

Lt. Allen recounted the arrest of the suspect:

Officers began working the scene and shortly thereafter the suspect returned and was quickly apprehended by officers. He was later placed under arrest for manslaughter. We can confirm that a sharp instrument was used in the execution of the crime.

Allen added that the crime scene was so grotesque that neighbors and Sheriff's deputies had to receive professional assistance:

Every time someone loses their life, it is undoubtedly a tragedy. As far as the shocking nature of this, I know that the officers who first arrived on the scene were a little haunted by the scene. We provided support to the officers, and to civilian witnesses who were at the scene.

A neighbor of the victim, Chapel Thorborne described the "disturbing scene" he encountered as he returned home just steps from his front door:

The head was under the car and she was lying in the back of the car, freshly cut.... After he cut off his head, he came walking, he and his two friends, walked past me and arrested him.

The investigation is still in process.